Grading Procedure

All band grading will follow Marlette's set standards and adhere to the student handbook.



Excused Absences

Sometimes students and parents run into situations in which they cannot participate in a required performance during the school year. The proper procedure for obtaining an excused absence is:

  • Reviewing the band calendar IMMEDIATELY IN SEPTEMBER and identifying the conflict OR by identifying a conflict as soon as it becomes known.

  • Informing both Mr. Yaros and the main office of the conflict through email or by phone.

  • Obtaining a doctor’s note for illnesses

  • Completing make-up work to achieve credit for the missed event.

  • Only one concert may be excused to retain credit.

  • A second concert absence is subject for review, but in most cases will result in an unexcused absence with no retention of points for that particular assignment.



Special Note Regarding Concert Attendance:

Please note that concerts are a mandatory event. Students share a collective responsibility to achieve a successful performance, and when the group is different on a concert night than it is in regular practice, the band will not perform at its best. Often times, students immediately identify the challenges they will face when walking out on stage without one of their peers. It makes them nervous, and the performance ultimately suffers from this unfortunate reduction in personnel. Examples of situations that will result in an “excused absence” from a concert.

  • A general emergency

  • A death in the family

  • A pre-approved situation in which the main office and Mr. Yaros have both been informed at least two weeks in advance.


Everything is evaluated in a case-by-case basis, but usually, the following is true:


Examples that will result in an “unexcused” absence from a concert and loss of credit:

  • Missing a concert for a sporting event

  • Missing a concert for a special occasion, such as a celebration

  • Missing a concert for a family event

  • Missing the concert for any reason that has not been pre-approved

  • Unexplained absence in which no one knows where you are

  • Sickness that occurs after the student has attended school that day

  • Attempting to attain an excused absence for more than one concert per year 


Concert Attire

Students will have the opportunity to dress in various styles throughout the year during concerts and required performances. The majority of performances, however, follow a strict code of dress apparel. If the student does not arrive in the requested attire, a 20 point deduction from the concert grade will be applied for the infraction. Mr. Yaros is always happy to help assist the needs of families when looking for appropriate concert attire, but care and thoughtfulness, as well as advanced notice must be given to Mr. Yaros is order to receive this consideration and avoid the infraction deduction on the student's concert grade.


Our concert dress code is:




Classroom Expectations

Most of the time, the band room is a "red zone" - no electronic devices are permitted. However, very often we use technology to access programs, apps, and information. Phones and technology are also strongly encouraged during trips, in order to maintain constant contact with family and loved ones in case the band's performance is delayed or something changes.


Food and beverages (with the exception of bottled water) are to be consumed outside of the band room as a general rule. However, if students act in a responsible manner, and they are consistent with Marlette policies and regulations, students may ask permission to eat lunch with Mr. Yaros.


The band room should be an environment of positive energy and a place for collective gathering. Abuse of this policy will result in the student being asked to eat lunch elsewhere.



1. Good Participation

2. Friendliness

3. Compassion and understanding toward your peers and the instructor

4. Good listening (of both your peers and the instructor)

5. Making good choices


MIS-ALIGNED BEHAVIORS - Consistent or re-occurring instances of:

1. Tardiness

2. Forgetting required daily materials (music, pencil, homework)

3. Using poor language (derogatory comments toward others, the instructor, or using profanity)

4. Having a negative or demeaning attitude towards a fellow student or the instructor

5. Inappropriate comments, jokes, or behavior (making immature choices)



1. A positive and fun classroom atmosphere; band becomes really fun because time is spent on singing and learning - not spent on behavior re-alignment.

2. The learning speed is much quicker and faster-paced.

3. The real “you” comes out.

4. There are more privileges and more trust between each other.

5. We can win competitions, respect, and attain a sense of pride for our hard work.

6. If music is something you really love, you can develop skills to become a professional and go to college. There are numerous jobs in the field of music! If a music career isn’t something you desire, you will have developed your brain to become more advanced than someone who doesn’t have a music background. (There are many studies relating music education to lifelong success.)



1. Call home to parents, PBIS meeting with parents, the instructor, and/or the behavioral specialist.

2. The class will develop a negative atmosphere. A sense of “dread” towards coming to class will develop (for both students and the instructor)

3. Less time with fun things, more time with behavior re-alignment

4. The rate of accomplishment will go down.

5. If a solution cannot be reached to re-align behavior, in-school suspension will occur, and in rare cases expulsion from the class will occur.



Extra-curricular Expectation

Initial Extracurricular Requirements for 5th and 6th grade beginning band students:

Expo Concert or Fall Concert Holiday Concert

Holiday Concert

Spring Concert


As you get older, the amount of requirements for band goes up.


Here is a list of required events for 7th-12 graders:

MSBOA Solo & Ensemble Festival

MSBOA Band Festival Fall Concert

Holiday Concert March

Pre-Festival Concert Spring Concert

Spring Concert


Here are non-required (but fun) opportunities for 7-8th graders:

Jazz Ensembles – Marlette's premier performing groups. Open by audition only.

Instrument Needs

Students are responsible for maintaining and caring for their own instrument. Students will not be excused from their playing responsibilities unless their instrument is in a state of disrepair and evidence is presented to Mr. Yaros showing repairs are being made.  Students are NOT penalized for being unable to play their instrument with the proper proof presented.  A parent email will not suffice, only a store obtained repair slip.

Students that forget their instrument on quiz days automatically receive no points for their quiz, unless they have recorded it and emailed it by 11:59PM the evening before.


Some examples of things students are responsible for:

  • Valve oil

  • Reeds

  • Slide cream

  • Slide Grease

  • Drum sticks/mallets

  • Mouthpieces

  • General care of their instrument The student should make it a daily habit to review their instrument and supplies to ensure their instrument is in working order and that they have enough supplies for the day’s lessons. Forgetting to purchase valve oil or reeds will result in the loss of daily participation credit (5 pts) if the student is unable to play their instrument from lack of these supplies.

Mr. Yaros's Daily Schedule

6th Grade Band: 8:20AM - 9:05AM

5th Grade Band: 9:10AM - 9:55AM

2nd Grade Music: 10:00AM - 10:45AM

7th Grade Band:  11:24AM - 12:54PM

8th Grade Band:  12:58PM - 1:58PM

HS Band:  2:02PM - 3:04PM

After-School Stuff

Jazz Ensemble

T/Th - 7:10AM to 8:00AM


Mike Yaros, Director of Bands

Contact Info:

Marlette Community Schools

6230 Euclid St.

Marlette, MI 48453


Office: (989) 635.7425

Elementary Band Extension - 44917

MS or HS Band Extension - 44823

cell: (810) 882.1377 call or text

Elementary Music Rotation:

                          Wk1             Wk 2                  Wk3

5th Grade:    Lester     Fantin       Kneffel

2nd Grade:   Pilarski    Boyne      Branding