May 2021

Zoom Meeting for Parents - UPDATED (Again)


We will have a parent meeting for band on Thursday May 13 at 6:00PM.  Parents of students from every grade level are welcome and invited to participate.  At this meeting we will discuss beginner band, marching band, Chicago 2022, and other important topics.  This is a time to ask questions in an open forum as well.


Remind Codes




Every grade level band has a Remind code.  In case you are new, if you punch in this code, you can get automatic updates from me every time something new or important happens.  (Don't worry - I don't bombard you!)  This is honestly the best way to stay in touch.  

@rrband5 - Beginner band

@rrband6 - 6th grade band

@rrband7 - 7th grade band

@rrband8 - 8th grade band

@rrbandhs - HS band

@rrbandjazz - Jazz Ensemble

@rrbandmb - Marching Band

@rrwwdl - Winter Drum Line


Text whatever of the above codes you're affiliated with (or multiple if you choose) to the number 81010 and you're in!


World’s Finest Money Due Now


ALL candy sales are due..

Please pay everything you owe as soon as you are able.  


MS Band Dress Code Updated


For all bands, the concert dress has been updated.  Please note the uniform for all grades other than HS should consist of the following:

Red Marlette Bands polo (provided prior to concert)

All black dress pants (for guys and girls alike

Black dress shoes

Black dress socks


NO leggings, skirts, or dresses.  Ties are appropriate but only if they are all black in color.  


The HS will continue to use their normal concert uniforms.


Marching Band Camp Date Released


Marching band takes place the same week as last year.  The dates for marching band camp will be Monday, August 16th, 2021 through Friday August 20th, 2021.


Instrument Turn- In


Starting in early June, the school will be collecting all instruments that have been issued to students.  Please ensure that if you have been loaned an instrument, it is returned in good working condition, as when you received it in order to avoid unnecessary charges.  


For all brass instruments:  

  • Valves and slides should be oiled, greased, and moving freely

  • All accessories should be returned with the instrument including mouthpieces, valve oil, or anything that was borrowed.


For woodwind instruments:

  • All accessories should be returned including ligatures, mouthpieces, neck straps, and any other components required for it to be played again.

  • Cases should be free of debris, trash, and anything other than the instrument and its accessories.

  • Corks should be greased

  • Cases should be free of debris, trash, and anything other than the instrument and its accessories.


Uniform Turn-In


Any shirts, dresses, tuxedos, or marching gear should be turned in by June 1st.  It should be returned in the same condition that it was received in.

Appropriate Reeds for WW’s

5th Grade - Vandoren 2.5

6th Grade - Vandoren 3.0

7th Grade and up - Vandoren 3.0 - 4.0


What is in a number anyway?  The number indicates the strength of the reed.  Basically, the higher the number, the better you will sound, but the harder it is to make a sound.  So, as you get older you should steadily try to increase the number to achieve the maximum greatest tone.